How to sell your house

The key to sell your property

Selling residential property in the Netherlands is not as straightforward a process as many people believe. There are many practical and legal pitfalls to take into account when you decide to sell your home. We are happy to sit down with you for a free orientation meeting and provide you with a complimentary “no-strings-attached” valuation.

Our team of highly motivated real estate agents has your best interests in mind. We are not known as the best real estate agency for no reason.

Hiring a real estate agent

Proper pricing, the right sales strategy and a sound communication plan: these three elements are the keys to successfully selling your home. For this reason, we always suggest meeting you at your home, where we can cover all relevant aspects of a sales plan that suits you and the property that you are selling.

Should you decide to engage us as your real estate agent, we will provide you with a professional presentation of your property using designated media, social media and carry out the sales plan we have agreed upon. We will also organize and supervise viewings, carry out any and all negotiations on your behalf, prepare the “Contract of Sale” and walk you through every legal and practical aspect involved in English.

Let Real Estate Agent take care of the entire sales process on your behalf.

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The sales process


1. Assessment of your home

It takes time, knowledge, and skill to sell a house. It's not quite as easy as hanging up a sign saying "for sale" and hoping that buyers will find you. When you sell your property in the Netherlands, the following is what you can expect from our agency:  

The first step is to get your property valued by a real estate agent. In addition to ensuring that your property is priced correctly, the real estate agent may help you develop a sales plan and a successful online marketing campaign. In order to prevent understating the size of your property, we make sure that measurements are taken in accordance with the Dutch NEN 2580 standard.

2. Determine the right asking price

The real estate agent will provide you with a market analysis, detailing homes similar to yours and what they have recently sold for. It is not advisable to overcharge for your property as this will reduce its allure. You shouldn't be concerned about listing it too low because properties that are listed below the market value frequently attract many bids, which raises the asking price.  

3. Hire a professional photographer

The majority of prospective homeowners start their house hunt on the internet. Professionally shot listings sell more quickly and bring in more money. For a higher position on Funda, we therefore make sure that our photographer captures expert photographs, 360-degree photos, and a video.

4. The brochure and floor plan

Additionally, floor plans are a crucial part of the sales procedure. They elevate the land and provide a clearer picture of the size and possibilities of the areas. Digital brochures give prospective buyers the opportunity to examine all of the property's details on their computer or mobile device and will be featured on websites and social media.  

5. List your property

Your property will be listed on all of the top real estate portals, including Funda, Pararius, Jaap, Huisenzoeker, Huislijn and our own website to maximise its potential reach. To advertise the sale of your property, we'll also use social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and the "for sale" sign on your property.  

6. Planning and directing of the viewings

Having the best real estate agent present at the viewings will ensure that your home is represented in the best way possible.

Advice: While "Open Houses" are popular, an individual showing will give the impression that your home is larger and the real estate agent will be able to inform potential buyers in a much better way.  

7. Review and accept an offer

When a real estate agent negotiates with prospective buyers, that's when they can really bring value. Our real estate agents will make sure you obtain the best deal possible by managing the negotiation on your behalf with the expertise they possess. An assertive negotiator can make a big difference!  

8. Purchase agreement

Once the offer has been accepted by the seller, the purchase agreement will be drafted by our agency or the notary. It is common practice for a real estate agent to draft a purchase agreement to be signed in the Netherlands. Only in the Amsterdam area, the notary will set up the purchase agreement. This purchase agreement is legally binding for all parties to the same extent as the transfer deed, which will be concluded on the transfer date.

9. Cooling off period

After both parties signed the purchase agreement you have the three-day cooling-off period under Dutch law. The three-day cooling-off period is only available to the buyer to ensure that the purchase decision has been carefully considered. Once this cancellation period has elapsed, the buyer is bound to the purchase agreement.

If the buyer requires a mortgage loan, an appraiser will visit the property and evaluate the property on behalf of the mortgage company/lender. Once the mortgage is approved, a written bank guarantee (if necessary) will be issued within an agreed period of time.

10. Transfer day

It’s now time to sign the transfer deed and give the buyer legal ownership of your property. The first step before the transfer of your property is a final walk through. The statement of costs and the transfer deed have been prepared by the notary. After the final walk through we will visit the notary’s office where both parties will sign the transfer deed. The sale will be finalized when you give the buyer the keys after signing the transfer deed. Best wishes!

Our team of highly motivated real estate agents take care of the entire sales process and will separate the “lookers” from qualified buyers. Put your worries aside and have the entire selling process taken care of from start to finish.