Buying a house in the Netherlands

Do you want to buy a house in the Netherlands, but find the housing market too competitive? Are your offers outbid by other buyers? Do you learn about new properties too late? Real estate agent is helping expats to buy a house in the Netherlands.

Buying a home in the Netherlands

Real estate agent has been helping expats successfully to buy a property in the Netherlands. Our real estate agency is specialized in working met expats from all over the world. We are known as experts in the Dutch housing market with a vast knowledge of the areas Amsterdam - Amstelveen - Hoofddorp - Haarlem and Almere. Our real estate agents are committed to providing clients with excellent service at all times and frequently exceed client’s expectations.

Real estate in the Netherlands

It is becoming more and more challenging to find the right property to buy in the Netherlands. The Dutch housing market is currently extremely competitive and properties sell for more than the asking price - and in record time. In a period when houses are selling fast, you’ve got to be more resourceful than your rival buyers. If you are determined, and you know what you want, then it is time to pull out all the stops.

Five ways how we can help you with buying a property

Here are five ways our real estate agents can help you to find and secure the house you want:

1. Increase your chances

When you enlist help from the right representative then you significantly increase your chances of getting what you want. Hiring an experienced real estate agent will improve your chances of being a home-owner as they will show the seller you are a committed buyer and can facilitate negotiations.

2. Reduce the risk of missing out

Sellers can pick and choose who they sell their property to. Expat buyers without a buying agent might not come across as confident buyers and their offer is often not taken seriously. For a seller, feeling secure in accepting an offer is very important. Buyers without an estate agent often present a greater risk, which can also threaten their chances of a successful bid. With a buying agent you increase the chance that your bid will be accepted.

In the Netherlands it is common for real estate agents to give more priority to bids with a buying agent. The reason for this is because they can assume that the buyer has been fully informed of the purchasing procedure, with the buyer being guided every step of the way by the purchasing agent and the financial background is known. Even if your bid without a buying agent were higher than the party without a buying agent, this would not mean that your bid would be accepted. It is not only about the amount, but also the conditions, with the buying agent being very silent in this regard. 

3. Show you mean business!

Having a professional licenced real estate agent like us on your side shows you mean business. Your finances and paperwork will be in good order and you will have a head start on other buyers. The seller will feel more secure accepting your offer knowing a buying agent is there to assist you and that the deal will not fall through.

Our buying agents have their own strategies to make the proposal attractive, which are unknown to buyers without a real estate agent. As an example: the mortgage advisor calculates the maximum amount you could borrow based on your income. If the buyer were to use this amount in full for the purchase of the home, this would mean that you are entitled to a 100% mortgage. However, a buying agent does not mention this in the proposal, but can set a lower amount while a 100% mortgage is applied for the buyer behind the scenes. It is not only important what you can borrow, but also what the appraised value is. By lowering the mortgage but achieving the appraisal value of the purchase price, there is no risk for the buyer and the deal is accepted for the buyer because the conditions are better. 

We can also help you get value for money and avoid being caught in a bidding war. They will properly advise you on the best ways to negotiate and will perform all necessary surveys and background checks. That way, when you do find your dream home, you’ll feel confident making an offer that will receive proper consideration. 

Our goal is to buy a property below market value even in an overstrained housing market. The asking prices that are visible for properties on Funda are not equal to the market value. Each region has its own sales strategy. For example, when selling properties in Amsterdam, we see that the sales agents price the prices competitively/low, so that there are many viewings and then a deadline is scheduled. With a deadline, buyers have one opportunity to submit a proposal. This ensures that buyers usually bid up to the maximum within their budget. In Almere a starting price is used, depending on each real estate agency, a sales strategy is also applied here. Although it is competitively priced here, there are no asking prices, but starting prices. For this reason, it is important to choose a real estate agent who has knowledge and experience within the region in which they operate. This way you ensure that you do not pay too much and buy a home below market value.

5. Make a good investment

How do you, as a buyer, know what the market value of the property is? How do you know which neighborhoods within the search area are popular? Or increase in value in the coming years? It is important to us that we carefully inform you about the background of the property, the location of the property in the area, the future prospects and the market value.


Our agents will guide you to find a home that you will not only love, but which will also provide a sound return if you decide to sell it in the future.

Secure your dream home!

If you want buy a house in the Netherlands then contact us, we can help you find the home you love! We are not only the expat expert, but we would love to be your expat expert.

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